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#1 2022-01-26 09:28:09

Registered: 2022-01-23
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7 Byte UID on 4 Byte Mifare Classic Gen1a clone

Oh my I feel really stupid to ask you guy's this question, I really searched for the answer on the forum. But as i'm a newby I have one question that keeps popping up in my mind. The question is as simple as "Can you write a 7 byte uid on magic Mifare clone?"

Use case:
I have a EV Charging Card (Mifare 1K CL2) that I want to clone to a Keyfob, the keyfob is a Gen1a Mifare magic clone with the full block0 writable. The original EV card has a 7 byte UID, the keyfob a 4 byte preconfigured UID. Nothing really fancy going on, I only need the 7 byte UID (nothing else is checked).

I can dump the original card without any problems, but when restoring the card to the keyfob everything goes well, but afterwards it doesn't work any more and give me the error

[=] Card doesn't support standard iso14443-3 anticollision
[+] ATQA: 88 80

After wiping it with "hf mf cwipe" the keyfob is back to original working order.

when only setting the UID of this keyfob to the desired UID with "hf mf csetuid -u 0366E6323FXXXX --atqa 0088" the command is completed with succes but then it gives me.

[=] Card doesn't support standard iso14443-3 anticollision
[+] ATQA: 35 80

this is driving me nuts, I believed as long as block0 is writable you should be able to write different length UID's to is, what I'm I missing here.


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