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#1 2022-03-18 23:00:09

Registered: 2021-10-23
Posts: 2

Mifare 1k gen2 [UID changable] Write to all 64 blocks

Hi guys,

I have some uid-changeable gen2 hf mifare fobs that I am trying to clone to.

I understand that each block is writable via hf mf wrbl --blk 0 -a -k key -d data and yes I was able to write each block including block 0, but is there some script / command that I can run to automatically write data to all 64 blocks? Something like cload for gen1 fobs?

This is what I am currently doing:

1. hf mf autopwn: I ran this on the mifare 1k card that I am cloning data from.
2. with the above command I got the key file and the data file of the original fob: hf-mf-8A693A1A-keys.bin, hf-mf-8A693A1A-dump.eml.
3. hf mf wrbl --blk 0 -a -k ffffffffffff -d *sideACardData*: I then write the block0 to my gen 2 fob.
4. Up until this point everything succeeded.

My question is, how do I write the rest of the 63 blocks at once?

I tried running hf mf restore on the new fob, this seems to restore the data from the original fob but NOT the keys. All the keys on the gen2 fob are still the default ffffffffffff.

I've been scratching my head and bricking a few gen 2 fobs for quite a while now - any input / direction is much much appreciated.



#2 2022-03-21 02:58:28

Registered: 2021-01-18
Posts: 20

Re: Mifare 1k gen2 [UID changable] Write to all 64 blocks

         hf mf restore 1 u 12345678               -- restore from hf-mf-12345678-key.bin and hf-mf-12345678-dump.bin
         hf mf restore 1 u 12345678 k dumpkey.bin -- restore from dumpkey.bin and hf-mf-12345678-dump.bin


#3 2023-03-17 20:21:33

Registered: 2023-02-28
Posts: 6

Re: Mifare 1k gen2 [UID changable] Write to all 64 blocks

Looking for the same.

For those who is having the same issue, I'm using the MIFARE Classic APK to write into the card.

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